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La Cuvette Beach

A great local beach located 750m away, it offers an open space and many hideaway areas, rocks and a magnificent surrounding.

Ilot Gabriel 

One of the top beaches in the North, one hour and a half cruise by catamaran from Grand Bay. Perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Drinks and lunch are provided or included.

Ilots Bernaches

Less touristy island and beaches situated inside the lagoon of the North East coast. Also, nice beaches and snorkeling activities while the crew members will prepare lunch and be served on the island itself. Ideal for a picnic day you can also bring your lunch under the shade of the filaos...

Deep Sea fishing

Mauritius is very famous for deep sea fishing with ideal perfect conditions prevailing throughout the year with the North Coast Grand Bay considered a top fishing destination for a life time fishing experience.  Amongst possibilities you have the Blue and black Marlin, Mako sharks, Tuna, Bonito, Wahoo, Yellow Fin tuna, Sailfish, Dorado and other species that you are likely to catch are made available to experienced anglers and beginners.

Departing from the lagoon heading to the deep sea, boats usually goes passed the sea cliffs of Coin de Mire Island heading further north for you to enjoy fishing by Gabriel Island, even reaching as far as Round Island. This region is renowned as a top destination deep sea fishing and with a rich marine biodiversity that attracts anglers from all over the world.

Château De Labourdonnais

19th century Château de Labourdonnais found in the heart of a magnificent natural estate at Mapou. Built in 1859 the Château has been designed in a neoclassical Italian style, but also influenced by Victorian and Napoleon III style. Enjoy a stroll through the luxurious gardens and orchards which consist of endemic plants.

The Estate includes hundred-year-old mango trees and other trees such as nutmeg, clove ‘pomme jacot’, sapote, jamalac, plum, etc.

Blue Safari submarine

Be prepared to dive to 35 metres with magnificent views of colourful fish, coral, crab and stingray just outside Mont Choisy Beach. The submarine will take you to the wreck of the Star Hope where fish, eels and crabs have made themselves at home. The trip lasts for two hours, with 40 minutes underwater and experience the beautiful ocean and most memorable attraction in Mauritius

Sugar Museum and Factory

Located in Pamplemousses, the old estate, L'Aventure du Sucre, tell the fascinating story of the sugar industry in Mauritius. Watch educative films from the early cultivation of the canes and the role of slavery in growing this vital crop, to the creation of the finished products and their eventual exportation to Western markets. All to know about the sugar industry in Mauritius.

Pamplemousses Garden

The Pamplemousses botanical garden was initially opened as a private garden by the French governor of Mauritius by Pierre Poivre in 1770. The oldest botanical garden in the Southern Hemisphere and famous for its long pond of giant water lilies, the garden covers an area of around 37 hectares.

Rhum Gold of Mauritius

Located at Endemika Business Park, an old colonial mill and sheltered by trees and only 10mn from Grand Bay. Litchquor the company independently create premium spirits from a distinctive flavours and well-balanced notes of oak, malt and roasted nuts. Tasting available every day except weekends - choosing between 3 tastings; sample all of the 6 rums, 3 rums paired with chocolate or try 3 rums paired with carefully chosen ingredients to create cocktails.